IngeniousTechies (Previously known as TechnoCratsClub) is going to be a portal for techies by techies. The content on this site virtually have no boundaries, no restrictions no fixed technical area. We encourage our authors to pick any topic, any technical area that excites them and seems interesting.

We all are working in different technical skill set and domains. Being in this industry, we do lots of research to accomplish our work and we tend to keep the knowledge of that research to ourselves 😉 We have started this portal aiming to allow all techies to collaborate, interact and share these knowledge. There is no restriction of topics on which you can share your knowledge, or the way you can share it. You can write your complete article, share tips and tricks, share any of your findings on some common issues etc, etc.. (As I said no restriction). You can contribute anything that you feel will be helpful to you in future or any of your technical colleague.

Looking forward for your participation.