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The US firm Apple Inc. aims to manufacture their products in India. For this, the firms is in regular talks with Government of India, As India is now world’s second largest mobile phone market by users.

The “Make in India” initiative taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his vision to make India a Manufacturing hub will be boosted with this decision of Apple. He is trying to boost technology, to increase manufacturing in India by his new policies.  Government of India also exempted foreign retailers for three years from a requirement to locally source 30 percent of goods sold in their stores.


Last year in May Cook and Prime Minister had a long discussion together for manufacturing in India and other retail plans. Apple is now looking to expand its retail market in India and is trying hardly to set up its own stores which could start up early as soon in this year or at the end of this year.

Local manufacturing of Apple products would help company to open its retail stores in the country where its iPhones and other products account for less than 2 percent of Indian smartphones sales.

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