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In this article we will see some basic and frequently used HTML tags:


  • This tag places a horizontal line across the system.
  • These lines are used to break the page.
  • This tag also contains attribute i.e., width which draws the horizontal line with the screen size of the browser.
  • This tag does not require an end tag.


<hr width=”50%”>

Base Font

This specify format for the basic text but not the headings.


<basefont size=”10”>

Font Tag

This sets font size, color and relative values for a particular text


<font size=”10” color=”#888”>

Strong Tag

This tag is used to always emphasized the text


<strong>emphasized text </strong>

tt Tag

This tag is used to give typewriting effect on the text.


<tt>typewritting effect</tt>


sub and sup Tags

These tags are used for subscript and superscript effects on the text.


<sub> subscript text</sub> 
<sup>superscript text</sup>

Anchor Tag

  • This tag is used to link two HTML pages, this is represented by <a>
  • href is an attribute which is used for giving the path of a file which you want to link.


<a href=”path of the file”> some text </a>



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