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On Wednesday July 06, 2016, Google announced the deal to buy Moodstocks. Moodstocks have mentioned in there home page that they are joining Google and expecting the acquisition to be complete in next few weeks.

Moodstocks was french startup working on device image recognition from 2012. They were working on object recognition for the past  years using deep learning based approaches.


Current paid subscribers of Moodstocks will be able to use their services till the end of their subscription. They will be discontinuing their image recognition services soon. They have also updated there terms and conditions based on this deal. On their home page it is mentioned that “we will be discontinuing our image recognition services soon, but we look forward to bringing you even better tools as part of Google.” So soon you can expect their services to be part of Google offerings.

Google is one of the technology giant who are actively investing in technology using which devices can see and understand the world around them the way people do and Moodstocks were perfect choice in this area since they were working on that from long time now.


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