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In one of my previous article, we had created a Gmail account. Today we will tell you how to delete your Gmail account. Google Mail ID is a very important account, which is very helpful in today’s era, you should also take care of the security of your Gmail account. If you want to deactivate and delete your Gmail account for any reason, follow the steps given below:

First, sign in on your Gmail account.

After Login the Account on the right side click on the profile icon then click on the Google Account button

It will take you to Now click on Data & personalization from the left menu.

Now scroll the page and choose the option delete a service or your account

Now choose the option Delete your Google Account as shown in the image below, Before deleting your account you can take the backup of your data.

After selecting the option a window will open and will ask for confirmation and to accept the policy.

After confirming click on Delete Account. You are all set. Your Gmail account is now deleted.

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