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In our previous article, we have learned how can we register for the amazon affiliate program or as an amazon associate. In this article, we will see how can we earn using Amazon affiliate links. In any user purchase any item on Amazon using your affiliate link, then you will get some commission. The commission you will receive depends upon the product category.

It is important to understand that, you will get paid only for qualified products. Qualified products refer to the products which are eligible for affiliate programs. There are certain products that are not included in the affiliate program. So if someone purchases any product that is not in the list of qualified products, you will not receive any commission. Kindly refer to Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule for more details. The policy gets updated frequently, so it is important that you check that link at least once a month.

How to create Amazon Affiliate Links?

The easiest way to create an amazon affiliate link is to append your StoreID in the Product URL. So, if your StoreID is wwwtechnocrat-21 you just need to append &tag=wwwtechnocrat-21 in the URL of amazon product.

Simple Amazon Product Link:

Amazon Affilaite Link:

Location of the affiliate tag doesnot matter.

There are other methods that you can use to generate affilaite links, Let us see them one by one

Product Links:

  • Login to the associate central at
  • Navigate to Prodcut Linking
  • Click on Prodcut Links
  • Search for any product, you wish to advertise
  • A result will be populated
  • Click on Get Link and copy the link.
  • You can use this link to advertise that product in your blog, website, youtube channels and other places.

Site Stripe: SiteStripe is a toolbar, which is displayed to you as soon as you visit the shop page as a participant of the Amazon Associates program

  • Login to the associate central at
  • Open in seperate tab, to see the sitestripe in action
  • Search any product, as you usually do on
  • There are 3 options under Get Link in SiteStripe: Text, Image, Text+Image.
  • In some cases few of them might not be available to a particular page.
  • If you want to link to that particular page, simmply cick on the available options from Text, Image, Text+Image and copy the link.
  • You can also share that page link to facebook and twitter instantly from the SiteStripe

Widgets: There are multiple widgets available for you to use. The widgets are nothing but a chunk of HTML code that you need to paste on your website or blog after customizing it based on your requirement.

Amazon Widgets are available in a variety of sizes. You can select a size option to view supported widgets. Click ‘Add to Web page’ to customize your widget. After customization you can get the HTML for you to use on your website or blog.

Amazon Associates Link Builder: This is the officeial wordpress plugin from Amazon. If you have created your blog or website using WordPress, you can use this WordPress Plugin to advertise products on your site.

With this WordPress plugin, you can search directly from the WordPress editor for Amazon products and link them from your website or blog. The plugin offers real-time access to current prices and the availability of the products. To use the Amazon Associates Link Builder, you must first register with Amazon Associates Products API. We will write complete guide on how to install, activate, confifure and use this plugin.

Banners: There are multiple banners available in he amazon associate central. The banners can be accessd by navigating to Prodcut Linking > Banners. The banners are available in different sizes, you can use the HTML code availabel for each banner.

Link to any page: This option will give you multiple option to create affiliate links. You can search and create link. You will get HTML code, that you can use in your blog and website. You can use this feature by navigating to Product Linking > Link to any page.

Amazon Bounty Program: In addition to earning advertising fees by product category Amazon Bounty program gives you oppurtunity to earn by promoting some amazon services like: Amazon Prime, Amazon Business, Audible. The services in this list keeps chaning and their rewards too. To promote amazon services, navigate to Prodcut Linking > Amazon Bounty Program. Here you can see all the details about Amazon Bounty Program.

By using above methods to generate you should be able to create affilaite links, that you can use to monitize if someone purchases any products from your link. Now you are ready to hit the maket to earn money. I would recommend to create one blog / website for one niche, it will help you target your end users and never try to create a new amazon kind of website using affilaite links. Try to include affilaite links in your website and blogs.

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