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While keeping the password of the WiFi it is good to keep a strong password with a combination of Upper case letters, small letters, numbers, and special characters. We tend to write down the WiFi password at someplace so that we can retrieve it later. At times we forgot the password that we had set for our WiFi and don’t find the piece of paper as well where we had written the password.

So, the question arises, is it possible to retrieve the Password of Saved WiFi from your Windows 10 machine? And the answer is YES, It is quite easy to retrieve the password of WiFi, you had ever connected to the WiFi. Just follow the below steps to retrieve the password.

Steps to retrieve the WiFi password of the currently connected WiFi network.

  • Find the WiFi icon on the system tray
  • Right-click on the WiFi icon in the system tray and choose Open Network and Internet Settings.
  • Under change your network settings, Click on Change Adapter Settings.
  • Trace the WiFi icon and right-click on it and choose Status.
  • It will open a screen similar to below, Now click on Wireless Properties
  • Within the Wireless Properties window, click on Security tab, and click the checkbox Show characters. This will display password of your WiFi.

Steps to retrieve the passwords of WiFi networks that your computer previously connected to

There is no direct way to retrieve passwords of WiFi networks that your computer previously connected to. We have to use the command prompt to retrieve the passwords. The Process is not that user friendly but is easy, just follow the steps below:

  • Open command prompt. Press Ctrl +R and type cmd.
  • Copy the Command below command
netsh wlan show profiles
  • Paste the password in the command prompt. You can use Ctrl+V to paste the command, if it does not work, right-click on the left corner of the command prompt window, navigate to Edit > Paste.
  • Hit Enter after pasting the command. It will show you the list of all WiFi networks under User Profiles you had previously connected. The name of the WiFi will on the right hand. I have erased the name of WiFi from the image below.
  • To retrieve password of a specific WiFi Network, Use below command. You can copy and paste the command as we have done in prior steps.
netsh wlan show profile name=profilename key=clear

In the above code, replace the profile name with the WiFi name you want to retrieve the password. In the example below I have retrieved the password of WiFi Network Redmi.

  • Look for Key Content under Security Settings. You have the password at the right hand.

I hope this article would have helped you to gain access of your lost password.

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