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In the current scenario of Information Technology, there are new technologies developing day by day and it is must for students, professors and developers to up to date with these technologies. AngularJS is such kind of client side scripting technology which has a great impact in development of Websites, Portals or Web Applications. To learn the AngularJS we should have basic knowledge of JavaScript or jQuery.


What is AngularJS?

  1. It is client side script language like jQuery.
  2. It is very powerful JavaScript framework.
  3. It is used in Single Page Application Projects.
  4. Widely used in making websites or web application projects.
  5. It extends the HTML attributes with Directives, and dynamically binds the data to HTML with Expressions.
  6. It is an open source web application framework and is free of cost to use in your projects.
  7. It is licensed under the Apache license version 2.0.

AngularJS was developed in 2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. It is now maintained by Google. Its latest version is 1.4.3.


Adding AngularJS library
You can add the AngularJS library in your HTML page with a script tag as below

<script src=""></script>

Concepts in AngularJS

There are various concepts in AngularJS in the following diagram which we will discuss in further articles.



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