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When we start developing any Web Application or any Informative Website, then to make a website most attractive and good looking, the most important part is GUI Graphical User Interface i.e. what is display on the user’s screen. Now, let’s start learn how to design the web page.

There are so many technologies and programming languages by which we can create a web application or website like PHP, ASP.NET, and JAVA etc. But in all these technologies, to design web page there is only one & one programming language i.e. HTML. Now, we will discuss about HTML.


HTML (Hypertext Markup language)
• This is the basic language which we use to design our web page.
• It is very easy to learn.
• To start web designing we use notepad, notepad++ or any other development environment.
• We can also use Dreamweaver cs6 for web designing and programming
• In this tags are used
• Basic rule is, if we open any tag then to close that tag is must. For example:

<html> </html>

Each and every tag like title, heading, body, and other tags all comes within html tag, like below

<html> </html>

Let’s start with head and title tag.


Head Tag
• Head Element acts like a container for all the head elements.
• It includes title, script, style, link tags etc.



Title Tag:

Title displays the title or name of the web page which is open on your screen.

<title> Title of your web page </title>


<title>XYZ < /title>

Here, XYZ is the name of the title.

Tools and Editors:
There are several applications and editiors available for writing HTML but we are using Notepad++ for designing our 1st web page. You can download notepad++ from following link

Let’s have a look how our code appear of NotePad ++

Below is the Output of our code:



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