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Introduction to WordPress

Designing Websites or learning different languages to design good and attractive websites had never been easy. Some of you might generally spend a considerable amount and pay to web designers for having a superior website for their businesses or professional works. But with the availability of great platforms like Wix, Joomla and WordPress, the process of developing websites has become quite easy and anyone could now do this with a simple guide to follow. Don’t believe me? Just get through the following guide and learn to get started with your online business.

Steps to get started with your WordPress Account:-
You need to follow 5 basic steps to get started with your WordPress Account followed by whole of the customization process:-
1. Select your Website preferences
2. Choosing a Theme for you Website
3. Selecting a name for your website
4. Picking suitable plan for your website
5. Creating account on WordPress

Features of WordPress:
Free Publishing: WordPress allows you to publish your website for free. You won’t be able to show ads on your website if you want to earn from it unless you buy your own domain but if you just want to share your ideas or spread your business online, this is a great option.
A lot of themes to choose from: WordPress contains a great collection of automated themes which adjusts your content itself and makes your website look even more professional.
Easy Customization: Not only you get options to choose from, you also an easy tab to customize the theme in whichever way you would like. You can customize the backgrounds, colors, menus, menu texts, menu fonts, footers, headers, can add or delete pages, and what not.
Domain availability: In case you want to buy a domain, WordPress tells you about the availability of the domain names and help you buy them with good offers.
Writing Blogs: Writing new blogs to your website and publishing them has never been easier. Just enter a title, pour in the content, choose a featured image for your blog post, and you are done, just click on the publish button. Moreover, you can edit your post in various ways. You can change the color of selected text, increase the font, add links to the text and a lot more.
Smartphone and Tablet Compatibility: This has been a huge for me. You need to do nothing extra to get your website work on smartphones. All the inbuilt themes and well produces for the Smartphones as well as Tablet Compatibility and in case you want to make some changes only to the smartphone view of your website, you can do it easily.

These were some of the highlights and features of WordPress. In case you are deciding to create an online setup for your business and develop a website, just give WordPress a try and it will work like magic.

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