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Mr. Mukesh Ambani yesterday announced a new offer for the JIO users and the offer is like throwing petrol on all other telecom companies which are already on fire. The offer simply provides 3 more months of free JIO services to all its Prime Users who have recharged with Rs.99 and have opted for an offer of Rs.303 or higher.
Other important thing out of the announcement was the extended date for the JIO Prime registration which has now been extended from 31st of March to 15th of April 2017.

Here are the complete details of the offer including what you will get and what you need to do:

What you will get:
You will get complimentary access to all the JIO services for 3 more months till 31st of June and the benefit of your recharge will be provided to you for the month of July.

What you need to do:
1. Recharge with Rs.99/- for the JIO Prime Membership.
2. Recharge with Rs.303/- or higher which provides you the unlimited benefits.
3. Done!! You are eligible for 3 months complementary access to JIO services.
Comment below for all your queries and share your views on this new offer. Do tell us if you will continue using JIO or shift back to your primary numbers which are providing some good offers at reasonable prices now. Don’t forget to like and share the post.


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