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Irritated by increasing pollution these days? Xiaomi launched Mi Air Purifier 2 in India for the Smarter way to Breathe. As the diseases caused by pollution are increasing everyday, number of products to deal with pollution are also increasing. Well, today here we are going to talk about one similar product to counter polluted air in your offices or homes. And the product is Mi AIR PURIFIER 2 by Xiaomi which is now a well known brand in India.


Mi Air Purifier 2 is the smartest purifier available in the market as claimed by Xiaomi. Well, actually it is in my opinion. It provides a seamless WiFi connectivity. Yeah you read it right, it can be very easily controlled by an app available at google play store named Mi Home.

You might be thinking why you must buy it for indoor use as it is not so polluted indoors. Right?
Well indoors are definitely not polluted as much as outdoors, but the polluted particles inside your home or office can be enough to cause you some diseases or frustrate you. And if you are a asthma patient or you are more prone to some diseases like cough, then this is really going to be a need for you. The air in which we daily breathe contains so many of harmful particles which can’t be seen by naked eyes. You may have noticed them in some light coming into your room. This Air Purifier takes care of those particles for you.


Well after reading this you must be wondering about the specs of this smart product. Here they are:
Size : It is pretty compact device. Its dimensions are nearly 240 x 240 x 520mm
Area it covers : 21m2 to 37m2.
Features: Wi-Fi Module, Air Quality Sensor, Temperature and Humidity Center
Power consumption: 1.5W to 31W
GLOBAL Voltage Supported

Here are some important features you might be interested in:
Auto mode ON/OFF Air quality indicator light Night mode Wi-Fi indicator light Particle Sensor Manual

To know More about this Air purifier : Click Here
You can buy this from Mi Store or from Flipkart




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