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In this article, we will see the User Roles available to us and what operations they can perform. To see and manage the User Roles and Users we will have to go to People tab, In the people tab, you further have 3 tabs, namely:

  • Team
  • Followers
  • Email Followers

Team: Under this tab, you get to see your team working on your website. If you are new to WordPress and have been controlling the website by your own, you might have just your name under this tab where you see yourself as the admin of your website. This is very helpful if you want to create a team working on your website and assign different roles to everyone. Here is a list of roles that you can choose from a dropdown list:

    • Administrator: You can add another administrator which will have all the control over your website same as you.
    • Editor: An editor can create or edit any post on your website in any way and can also have control over the comments, categories and tags.
    • Author: An author can create or edit only his/her posts and no other post by any other user.
    • Contributor: A contributor is one who can just suggest their articles. They can create and edit their articles but can’t post them by their own.
    • Follower: A follower can edit or publish nothing. Followers are just those who have chosen to follow all articles on your website.

You can just invite people to your website by typing their email address, assigning a role, and sending them a custom message, and need to wait for their confirmation to add them as your team member.

Followers: Followers are in some sort different from Email Followers. Followers are the users of WordPress which can directly follow your blog posts.

Email Followers: Those who don’t have an account on WordPress can follow your posts by providing their email id. Those followers are shown in this section.
Followers don’t need any confirmation for either following or unfollowing you. They can simply do so by their own consent.

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