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YouTube has recently announced its new feature Super Chat today. This feature will help the creators to make money they are connecting with their fans during live stream. In this new feature of youtube, fans can highlight their message in a bright color. As this feature is like feature of streaming site Twitch’s Cheering which allows their users to pay real money in order to have their messages in the chat stream by the use of animated icons.


But in youtube, the implementation of Super chat is different from Twitch’s but the goal is the same that is allowing fans to pay real money.

As per reports of YouTube, Super Chat will be pinned to the top of the chat for upto 5 hours, which gives the message a lot of time.

With this feature creators not only take benefits to connect with their fans, it will also help in generating revenue from their videos.

Not only for creators YouTube launches this feature, but for developers the company is developing an API that will help the developers to access real-time purchase data from the system. This API will replace Fan Funding API.

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